Where Did the Term “Horsepower” Come From?

Most car shoppers understand the basic concept of the word horsepower. However, they may not know exactly where the word comes from. People do realize that more horsepower means a higher quality engine, and that you're going to pay more for it.

The term itself came from and inventor named James Watt who was simply trying to sell steam engines he had built in the eighteen hundreds. James needed to relate to his customers. He wanted them to know exactly how powerful is steam engines were.

While working in coal mines he observed the work of the ponies there. He estimated that 1 horse could do 22,000 foot-pounds of work in 1 minute. He rounded the number up to 33,000 pounds and later coined the phrase "horsepower."

It basically means that if your vehicle has one horsepower it can pull 33 pounds in 1 minute.

Our staff at Tom Bush BMW Orange Park will work with those in Jacksonville, FL who need to learn more about horsepower and how it equates to their purchase.

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