Vehicle purchases are said to be the second most important purchase made. Tom Bush 
BMW Orange Park realizes how important the decision is to you to keep your vehicle in 
pristine condition inside and out. A better looking vehicle ensures that your vehicle keeps 
its value, performance, safety and driving pleasure over time. 

Let Tom Bush BMW Orange Park Car Spa services convince you that your vehicle is brand 
new once again. We offer a wide range of services, from minor paint and dent repair to a complete body panel refinish. See below for the comprehensive services we offer. 

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to schedule a free estimate, call Kim 
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Services Offered

Touch - Up $65.00 - $70.00
Wet Sand/Compound/Polish (panel) $58.50 - $63.00
½ Bumper Repair & Refinish* $292.50 - $315.00
Whole Bumper Repair & Refinish $520.00 - $560.00
Headlight Resurface (pair) $195.00 - $210.00
Hood Repair & Refinish $487.50 - $525.00
Fender Repair & Refininsh $292.50 - $315.00
Door/Trunk/Qtr. Wing Repair & Refin. $455.00 - $490.00
Mirror Cover Finish (new) $84.50 - $91.00
Tow Hook Cover Finish (new) $52.00 - $56.00
PDC Retrofit (not including parts) $97.50 - $105.00
Wheel Refinishing (per wheel) $162.50 - $175.00
BMW Grill Gloss Black (pair) $210.00

*Partially refinished items do not carry lifetime BASF warranty.